We are an independent school for kids. Our experience help us to teach the youngest kids with awesome results. We use only the best methods and systems to improve learning.

90% of the Brain Development happens in the First 2000 Days of your child life. During this time, the various experiences and interactions the child goes through results in the formation of connections in the brain, which ultimately builds its structures.

At Vaatsalya Playschool we understand this; our Experiential Teaching Methodology aims to create realistic, interactive & Sensory stimulating learning experiences for the child.

Indu Bhardwaj


Director & Founder of VAATSALYA Pre School & Day Care. She became an entrepreneur after starting a preschool in 2004. She believes in the holistic development of the children. She worked as a TGT in reputed schools in Delhi & Gurgaon. Her carrier with small kids started in 2001 when she was invited to work as a coordinator in a reputed preschool in gurgaon. There she was restricted to handle small kids within a planned curriculum. Then with the parent's motivation she planned to start her own pre school where kids will learn beyond their limits.

Anupama Srivastava


Centre Head of Vaatsalya Pre School & Day Care. She has good leadership qualities and management skills. Actively participate in regularl scheduled administrative team meetings to address programming, health, safety, facilities, operations and other concerns. She is very soft spoken, actively engaged with children, very friendly & affectionate.

Mansi Puri

She is a good child care provider. She is having the qualities to engage kids in different activities to spend a quality time at Vaatsalya Daycare. She is assisting kids in their home assignments

Amita Agarwal

She is very passionate about helping kids & making difference in their lives by leaving her love signs in every child's heart. She is very wonderful, patient & realistic. Planning lessons that will engage kids and educate them at the same time takes creativity are her assests. She successfully utilises her creativity & flexibility to make every day a positive one for her and for her class.

Laetitia Waters

As Preschoolers need a lot of warmth and understanding Nupoor is able to create love bonds with the kids. She is a very soft spoken loving caring mentor of Vaatsalya Pre School. She is loaded with lots of creative ideas which help her to introduce new & innovative learning for our tiny tots.